Computer scientist, Düsseldorf

SEMPRIA GmbH, located in Düsseldorf (Germany), is hiring
a computer scientist (master)

Responsible and dedicated work in software development and maintenance of complex
software systems in the following areas:
– automatic natural language processing of German
– automatic knowledge processing
– meaning-oriented search engines (fully semantic search engines)

Requirements profile:
Creative, independent, goal-oriented working style
extraordinary grades and achievements
well-founded knowledge and interests in the following areas:
– programming, esp. functional programming (Scheme)
– artificial intelligence:
 semantic web, knowledge representation, knowledge processing
– search engine technology and databases
– good knowledge of German

We offer:
– an exciting and challenging work experience
– work on development (also sales, if interested) of highly innovative search
– a very well connected work place in a dynamic team located in a beautiful city
 with high quality of life
– an early entry into a start-up company

Please send your application (with reference number 2010-04) by e-mail (PDF) or
letter to:

– Personalangelegenheiten –
Grafenberger Allee 277–287
40237 Düsseldorf

Phone: ++49 211 566693-57

Phd/Post-docs, Hamilton Institute, Ireland

Functional Programming and Automatic Differentiation

PhD Studentships & Postdoctoral Positions

We are adding exact first-class derivative calculation operators
(Automatic Differentiation or AD) to the lambda calculus, and
embodying the combination into a production-quality optimising
compiler.  Our research prototype compiler (source language VLAD, a
pure dialect of Scheme) generates object code competitive with the
fastest current systems, which are based on FORTRAN.  We are seeking
PhD students and postdocs with interest and experience in relevant
areas: programming language theory, numeric computing/numeric linear
algebra, or differential geometry; and a burning drive to help lift
big iron numeric computing out of the 1960s and into a newer higher
order.  Specific sub-projects include: compiler and numeric
programming environment construction; writing, simplifying, and
generalising numeric algorithms through the use of AD operators; and
associated type/lambda calculus/PLT/real computation issues.

The project headquarters will be in the Hamilton Institute, NUI
Maynooth, Ireland,

Applications to:
“Barak A. Pearlmutter” <>

Student Lisp job, Darmstadt, Germany

[Email from Robert Gloeckner, lightly edited]

At the German institute for polymers (Darmstadt/Germany) we are using Lisp  (SBCL) for 3d image analysis, some numerics and it is planned to do some web applications.

We are offering a student job to help with the web-application and/or doing some source-audits on existing code.

For more information, please send a mail to

Clojure jobs at Compass Labs

Compass Labs is a social media startup company based in silicon valley and funded by New Enterprise Associates.  They have a full time opening for a senior machine learning engineer to lead or join their algorithms and data mining team.  The team uses Clojure as its primary language for all in-house tools and data mining algorithms.  The product infrastructure is based on Java/Scala.

The company is also looking for medium term contractors to help with its in-house Clojure-based tools infrastructure, ideally with someone who has the appropriate machine learning / data mining experience to contribute fundamentally to the company’s efforts in that area.

Please contact for more information on these positions.

[lightly edited email note from Ian Eslick]