AI Programmer (Clojure) at ZenRobotics, Helsinki, Finland

Ever wanted to command an AI-powered industrial robot with Clojure?

ZenRobotics is hiring talented people, naturally, to save the world!
ZenRobotics Ltd., founded in 2007, is based in Helsinki, Finland (we
know, there’s the catch you were looking for). We make ZenRobotics
Recycler the robotic recycling system, a world first. There are over
20 of us, one in three’s a PhD. No wonder ZenRobotics is officially
Europe’s most innovative environmental technology company.

We are looking for professional programmers who have a passion to get
products done, out the door, and into the wild. Typically this drive
to deliver manifests in the capability to make a strong individual
contribution. You can independently verify technical assumptions and
solutions: e.g. profile code, maybe look at disassembly, write unit
tests for code written by you and by others, and you have a keen
interest to set up experiments for testing real-world phenomena.

Your must-haves:

You have shipped software previously, the larger the codebase the better
You got the skill and the will to solve architecture-level
performance issues
You want to apply at least high-school level physics and geometry
to real-life problems
You come with an attitude to the tune of Let’s Get It Done!
You possess excellent team skills
You speak fluent English
You write clean and inherently reviewable code, you attach your best example
You describe the products you’ve worked on, and how you contributed

To really titillate us, tick all of the boxes on this sweet dream wish list:

You have worked on a product that uses sensors, machine vision,
actuators, or automation
You deliver in some of the following: a functional language (in
order of preference Clojure, other Lisp dialects, ML/Haskell), Java,
C/C++, Python/Perl, R/Matlab
You can apply an acceleration limit in robot motion planning,
characterize how a pinhole camera projects in 2d, apply Bayes’ rule

You perhaps pack a somehow technology-related MSc or PhD, but you
might as well be self-taught to the same level

We, on the other hand, would be proud to offer:

A ticket to change the world, for good
A superprofessional, utterly not uptight working environment
A chance to work with somewhat humble gurus
A competitive compensation

… and so we will! Contact us at: ifeellucky at zenrobotics dot com
to describe in concrete terms, and with references, as to how you
would fit this position.

Common Lisp and Ruby on Rails Programmers, MNCA Dental, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

MCNA Dental of Ft Lauderdale has landed every contract it went for and is quickly becoming a standout in the field of dental insurance. We are developing cutting-edge enterprise software to help manage that growth. Management has asked me to let the world know MCNA is looking for solid, self-starting Common Lisp and/or Ruby/Rails developers who can self-manage on significant sub-projects and execute them efficiently, handling everything from design to coding on their own.

“Candidates should be willing to relocate to sunny Ft Lauderdale, FL for permanent or consulting positions, permanent preferred.

“We are doing very cool things in Common Lisp and Postgres but using Ruby/Rails3 as a bridge to manage the new business now. Ruby/Rails developers can expect to be doing Lisp in the future. The future also includes the IT department spinning off as a standalone enterprise involved in more than just dental insurance. We have a strong team of five developers but given the ambitious software goals and rapid growth MCNA has room for several strong candidates. Note that a strong developer in any Lispy language will be considered for a permanent position.

“Resumes and letters of interest can be sent to ktilton at mcna dot net