Senior Software Engineer, Pune, India

Another lisp job Pune, Maharastra, India.
Apply to jobs(at)

Senior Software Engineer

3-6 years of professional (or equivalent) experience
Solid CS fundamentals and understanding of complexity of algorithms
Expertise in any of C, Java, Python, Lisp
Strong grip over *NIX like operating systems (we use Debian & Ubuntu)
Ability to learn new things, write beautiful code
Understanding of how the Web works (HTTP, AMQP, RDBMS, Amazon AWS, etc.)
You must be a highly motivated individual with leadership skills
Proven track record of delivering products on time

Good to have
Prior experience in leading small teams
4 year degree in CS (we care about what you know, not the college you attended)
Knowledge of the Django web framework
Familiarity with any of Lisp, Erlang, Haskell
Understanding of and contributions to FOSS
Distributed Version Control Systems
Knowledge of JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, Semantic Web
Active in different online communities like

IT Specialist (Fairfax, VA )

The US Army is looking for an IT Specialist.

This person will be expected to engineer expert systems and other Artificial Intelligence systems that aid and enhance data analysis and operational functions of Force Developers. In coordination with Force Development action officers, develops object oriented and rule based systems by means of rapid prototyping techniques. Design application specific knowledge-base to include objects and rules. Develops algorithms and writes LISP programs to include expert systems, and object oriented database systems.

Senior Lisp Developer, stealth startup

Looking for Senior Lisp Developer

We’re a stealth mode startup with a Lisp (Franz) based prototype, about to go looking for VC money.

We have a very short term need that involves some web scripting for a survey, 2-3 days work.

We also want to continue development to improve the prototype, some well defined work, some driven by VC requests, etc.

Experience in math/statistics, natural language is useful, but not required.

Compensation is flexible – stock vs. $s

We’ve raised $300K in angel money, and the BOD includes former a Britannica CEO, VP Ashton-Tate, VP AOL, VP Networking Software SCO (when it was a real company), etc. so we’re serious!

Would be nice if you live in SF Bay area, but not necessary.

If interested, email resume to, and let me know a time/phone# for a chat!