Research Specialist I, Princeton University, New Jersey

From the ad (bolding added):

Full-time research assistant position in the Department of Psychology. The position calls for work on two main aspects of research into the cognitive psychology of deductive and probabilistic reasoning: experiments and computer modeling. The experimental work includes helping in the design of experiments, carrying them out face-to-face or writing code to administer them on the Web, and coding and analyzing their results. The computational work includes helping in the development of programs that model human reasoning, i.e., writing code for certain functions (in Common Lisp). The work also includes making literature searches and helping in the preparation of manuscripts for publication.

ht: Rainer Joswig

Lisp developer, Ravenbrook, Cambridge, UK

Ravenbrook is looking for an experienced consultant interested in
joining us to work on a mature Social Network Analysis desktop
application. It consists of about 50k lines of Common Lisp, targeted
at LispWorks for Windows. It’s a heady mix of GUI (making heavy use of
LispWorks’ CAPI), graphical layout, analysis some of which gets fairly
mathematical, and data mangling. This year’s effort will focus on
usability and in particular on the automation of repetitive tasks
which we’ve identified as being particularly time-consuming for our
end users. We’ll be talking to Microsoft Word.

The small print: contracts for this year’s work are not yet in
place. So we cannot be firm about offering you any work just
yet. However we are very confident indeed in getting the business at
some point in the next couple of months. Whatever the start date, the
work must be complete before the end of January 2012. We can be
hopeful about a further year’s development after that but, obviously,
no promises. In short, what we’re trying to do now is to locate the
person we want to work with so that we can make a fairly prompt start
once we get our go-ahead, and on the understanding that there may well
be no more than a year’s work on offer. However there might also be an
opportunity to get involved with our other consulting work, or the
Memory Pool System, or even video game development.

Essential requirements:

* you will mostly need to work at our office in Cambridge, UK

* you need to be available to start work at about a month’s notice

* you need to be comfortable collaborating in a small team

* we want the person we work with to be highly motivated, client
focussed, and reliable

Do get in touch.

Please note: Generic CVs and resumes as Word document attachments will
be trashed. Use plain text to explain why you might be good for us. Or
by all means write to arrange a phone call to discuss the
project. Thanks!

Nick Levine
Ravenbrook Limited