AI Software Developer, ZenRobotics, Helsinki

Ever wanted to command an AI-powered industrial robot with, say, Lisp? ZenRobotics is hiring talented people, naturally, to save the world! ZenRobotics Ltd., founded in 2007, is based in Helsinki, Finland (We know, there’s the catch you were looking for). We make ZenRobotics Recycler the robotic recycling system, a world first. There are 26 of us, one in three’s a PhD of sorts. No wonder ZenRobotics is officially Europe’s most innovative environmental technology company! We are hiring people who want to achieve extraordinary things. People who have already shipped software. With a codebase the size of an ocean liner. Preferably in Lisp. With a nice machine learning hobby project on the side. For profit. That aside, if you’ve got machine learning / statistics down pat, and years of coding experience, read on: Mother Earth needs you! Your absolute must-haves: You have shipped software previously You show us a portfolio of products you’ve worked, you describe your contribution You dig the code review process, you think you write clean and readable code and tests You have experience with one of the following: Python, R, Matlab/Octave You know intimately one of the following: Lisp (any variant), Java, C/C++ You do machine learning / statistical algorithms e.g. neural networks, decision trees, logistic regression You speak fluent English and want to work full-time in Helsinki To really get us interested, address this wish list: You can apply an acceleration limit in robot motion planning, evaluate whether an ML solution needs more data or a different model family, implement logistic regression given a library of numerical functions … You perhaps have a tech-related (STEM) MSc or PhD, but you might as well be self-taught to the same level You are really enthusiastic about applying machine learning to robotics As to what ZenRobotics would like to offer to you: …here are further words of wisdom from your future co-workers! Nikodemus: “It’s a rare day when you’re only learning one new thing.” Alexey: “We make robots work like no-one else before.” Lasse: “I personally received an award for breaking hardware” Naturally, we also pride ourselves in offering to all employees: A ticket to change the world, for good A superprofessional, utterly not uptight working environment A chance to work with somewhat humble gurus A competitive total compensation … and so we will! Contact us at: ifeellucky at zenrobotics dot com while courageously including the defining “AI” and “Developer” in the subject. 1) Send your CV, 2) describe in concrete terms what software you’ve already built, how, and why, 3) give your answers to our ability wish list above.