Lisp Contracts Sought: Ravenbrook

Ravenbrook is looking for Lisp-based contract work.

We believe we are the UK’s largest independent Lisp consultancy firm. We’ve worked on many successful projects since 2000, of varying scope and duration, from a single-day code inspection to a ten-year development and maintenance project. Our team is led by Nick Levine, who has 25 years of Common Lisp development experience including a decade working on Lisp­Works implementation at Harlequin, and Arthur Lemmens, who specialises in Artificial Intelligence solutions including machine translation and language learning.

We can build new systems from scratch, customized from the outset to meet your exact requirements. We can improve or solve problems in your existing projects. We can work with an established team of Lispers, or help you to recruit and create a new team using our extensive network of contacts.

Read more about us here. Then get in touch. First consultations are usually free. Contact us and we’ll see if we can help you achieve your goals.