Lisp Engineer, MIND.AI, Seoul, Korea & L.A, USA

MIND.AI ( is working on a brand new paradigm in artificial intelligence. We are looking to innovate REAL AI. Not just natural language processing but Natural Language Reasoning. We need versatile talents who are interested in changing the world. This is not deep learning but something totally new. And we need people with open and creative minds.


Artificial intelligence in a brand new paradigm. NOT deep learning/neural networks, but knowledge of same a plus. Symbolic/logical AI experience will be practiced. Developing core logic based on a new theory of information. Duties will include optimization of existing code and developing new features of the AI. We require significant experience in development activities on large projects and advanced software architecture and development in a large Common Lisp codebase. To build new components and extend existing tooling to meet project needs, and implement high-quality library components and products.


Specifically, the Lisp engineer will:

  • Integrate with natural language libraries and packages such as the google parser to form structured data based on our proprietary model (similar to semantic networks)
  • Build data structures and algorithms to acquire new information and relate it to existing ontologies (it learns how to learn)
  • Work with computational linguist to build up knowledge bases and further define knowledge representation
  • Develop persistence model (using database and object serialization)
  • Implementation of logical reasoning based on abductive, inductive and deductive reasoning models
  • Design and develop interactive learning interface
  • Optimizing existing code base



  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • 3+ years experience in Lisp programming (5+ years programming), working in structured systems and/or software development teams (Common Lisp, LispWorks preferred)
  • Thorough understanding of Lisp paradigms (eg, functional & object oriented)
  • Familiarity with common software architectures, design patterns, and software development life cycles



  • Experience with persistence (database & object serialization)
  • Experience with GOFAI.
  • Familiarity with formal logic.
  • Working with ontologies and taxonomies
  • Static and/or Dynamic Analysis
  • Dynamic analysis, program instrumentation, and profiling

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