Part-time Clojure/Lisp programmer, telecommute, is looking for a part-time, telecommute developer who has
the following skills:

  • Clojure, *nix shell, Common Lisp and maybe some Java programming experience
  • Redis database knowledge (or any other nosql data store)
  • experience with EC2 and general *nix systems knowledge
  • an interest in Minecraft

Initially, this will be a relatively short-term engagement with the possibility of a long-term support and maintenance contract to follow successful launch of the product.  Some flexibility in working hours will be required, as the current development group is spread out across several different time zones.  Please contact Kevin Raison at raison at chatsubo dot net for details.

Common Lisp Programmer, Accenture Interactive, Adelaide, South Australia

Accenture Interactive is looking for experienced Common Lisp programmer. Successful applicant will join a small, focused team in maintaining and furthering the development of a leading multivariate testing platform.

As a part of interview process applicants might have about three hour pair programming coding session – bring your own projects (can be incomplete).

Experience with Common Lisp is a must (could be non-commercial) as well as general knowledge of relational databases and web technologies.
Familiarity in the following areas would be considered a plus:
backend web server technology, Javascript, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, statistics, distributed computing, Lispworks, any distributed version control system.
A high degree of autonomy and self-motivation will be expected.

Please apply by sending your resume to
If you have any open source projects, please let us know. Code samples are greatly appreciated as well

We are working on multivariate testing product platform which has been acquired by Accenture about 5 years ago. It is Lispworks application with PostgreSQL and MATLAB backend, and we use modified Hunchentoot as frontend.

After long history of development this product earned good name (see for instance). We have quite a few big customers. The codebase is clean and stable, we have unit tests system, nightly builds, proper development cycle, bug reporting system (jira), distributed version control system (mercurial) and really supportive management.

If you are interested in working on the great product which could became the Common Lisp application with largest customer base in the world please apply.

We are located in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia. Local office accommodate about 25 people. We are quite different from the typical big corporation (startup culture is well and alive); we have flexible hours, best equipment money can buy, very bright people. Visa support and relocation available for the right person.