Optimization Developer, merchandizing

“Fluency with Common Lisp and Java, database programming experience, and an ability to be productive in an environment with loosely coupled, heterogeneous technologies” required in this service optimization developer position in the San Francisco Bay area. “Service optimization” means lots of off-line analysis.

Senior Research Engineer, Nokia USA R&D

Senior Research Engineer for Nokia in Boston, MA. Not exactly a Lisp position, but

Expertise in several programming languages and environments such as Haskell, Lisp, Java, C, C++, Symbian, Unix or Linux is needed. In depth understanding of operating systems, distributed systems and network protocols is required. Familiarity with Ubiquitous Computing research, Distributed Middleware, Web Technologies and a broad background in Computer Science is very desirable.

Developer/Programmer, LANL

Cool job on the LANL Digital Library Research and Prototyping Team using, I think, Franz’s RDF triple storage technology:

Job description:

• Deploy a large-scale RDF triple store;

• Design and implement ontologies for the representation of a variety of scholarly entities;

• Ingest large datasets pertaining to the process of scholarly communication (bibliographic data, usage data, etc) into the triple store, including addressing significant entity de-duplication issues;

• Support a wide variety of analysis and visualization efforts on the basis of ingested scholarly data;

(Thanks, Zach Beane, for letting me know I forgot to include the link to this job.)

Experienced Lisp Programmer, Silicon Valley Startup

A note from Lynn Brock at Prosaix:

Silicon Valley startup looking for experienced Lisp programmer.
We’re a serious startup, and are looking for someone to develop a key component of a product prototype.   This is well-defined, two week effort, potentially leading to an ongoing job/consulting contract.
You can be located anywhere, but will need DSL-speed web access for this work.
Please contact lbrock at prosaix dot com if you’re interested!