Sandeep Patil, Lisp project wanted

Sandeep Patil writes:


i am fresher in lisp /prolog /python .right now i am working in  java /j2ee want to change my curent platform, for that i need to implement one  project on this platform .
how i will do this in india now i am not authorised out of india.
what i will do now .

sandeep patil

pune, india

Contact: san_2012 -at-

Software developer,


“We are a Web and audio conferencing company in Denver, Colorado.
We’re looking for talented, enthusiastic software developers who
can thrive in a fast-paced environment.

We’re not a “Scheme shop”, but rather a “best-tool-for-the-job
shop”.  Those tools include Java, C++, Perl, Bash, Scheme, PHP,
and other languages. …”