Linux systems engineer with Common Lisp experience, m-creations, Mainz, Germany

Full time position for German speaking Linux admin with Docker and
Common Lisp experience near Frankfurt, Germany

We are a small German software shop based in Mainz, Germany, founded in
2000. We create custom software solutions for mid-size to big companies
in finance/payment, health care, and media research.

For some of our customers, we also cover operational aspects of the
software lifecycle by creating and running Docker containers in
development, test, and production environments on clusters of servers
running Apache Mesos.

Missing pieces of infrastructure are written in Common Lisp (CL) and
interact with existing software components of the cluster (DNS, load
balancer etc.). Docker images are based on the embedded Linux
distribution OpenWrt.

We are looking for new colleagues who ideally

– have 3+ years of Linux experience (e.g. are fluent in shell scripting
and have a good overview of the GNU/Linux tools)

– have a working knowledge of Docker, its interaction with the host, and
the role of the container image

– have experience in Common Lisp (not necessarily professional)

– want to use CL to solve systems engineering problems (e.g. dynamic
load balancing, DNS re-configuration)

– are interested in mastering the OpenWrt build system (buildroot +
make/cmake) to create a secure in-container distribution

Experience in the mentioned areas is not as important as curiosity,
intelligence and open-mindedness. You will get the necessary time to
learn the missing skills. We are interested in a long-term relationship
rather than just staffing a project with ‘resources’.

Due to our size as a small company, we do care about each one of our
colleagues and react flexibly to the (sometimes changing) necessities of
their life. Together we try to develop a plan for your personal career,
depending on your own goals.

Curious? Please contact Kambiz Darabi at
He’ll be happy to give you more information and answer all your

m-creations gmbh
Acker 2
55116 Mainz