DevOps Engineer | HRL Laboratories | Malibu, CA

Job posting:

HRL has been on the leading edge of technology, conducting pioneering research and advancing the state of the art. This position is integrated with a growing team of scientists and engineers on HRL’s quantum computing research program.


As a DevOps/DevSecOps engineer, you’ll be focused on maintaining reliable systems for testing and delivery of HRL’s quantum software. (You will not be directly responsible for developing the software or its tests.)

Specifically, you will be responsible for:

* Monitoring the status of CI/CD infrastructure on open and air-gapped networks.

* Building and maintaining infrastructure for synchronizing software between open and air-gapped networks.

* Working closely with developers and IT staff to ensure continued reliability of integration and deployment infrastructure.

* Tracking and vetting software dependencies.

* Looking for and implementing improvements to DevSecOps practices.

Among other candidate requirements, we highly value expertise in Lisp, Python, and C++.

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Senior Common Lisp Developer | 3E | Remote (with some travel to Brussels)

More info here

Writing elegant, clean code is your thing and you are not afraid to pick things up fast and be proactive in a team. Someone creative and innovative is welcome – we embrace new technologies where they can be applied and make sense.

The ideal candidate has the following qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in computer science with at least 8 years’ work experience in an operational environment.
  • Strong sense of architectural balance and the implications of changes to a many-layered system.
  • Experience in functional language and readiness to get hands-on with a LISP data engine.
  • Demonstrated ability to operate effectively in a multi-tasking environment.
  • Team player with good communication skills
  • Excellent command of English both in written and verbal form

Lisp Developer, 3E, Brussels, Belgium


You join a team of developers, scientists, engineers and business developers that develop, operate and commercialize SynaptiQ worldwide.

You work in a Linux-based Java, Clojure and Common Lisp environment. Your focus is on the development, maintenance, design and unit testing of SynaptiQ’s real-time aggregation and alerting engine that processes time-series and events. This data engine is Common Lisp based.

The objective is to own the entire lifecycle of the platform, that is from the architecture and development of new features to the deployment and operation of the platform in production environment. The position is open to candidates with no knowledge of LISP if they have a good affinity and experience in functional languages.

Senior Lisp Developer, RavenPack, Marabella, Spain


As a Common Lisp Developer, you will be part of the Analytics team which is in charge of the development and maintenance of applications that, among other things, extract data from incoming news and deliver user and machine-friendly analytics to customers.

You will be reporting directly to the Analytics Manager and will work with an international team of developers skilled in Common Lisp, Java, Python and SQL.

The ability to communicate effectively in English both in writing and verbally is a must. Knowledge of Spanish is not a business requirement. European Union legal working status is required. Competitive compensation and a fun working environment. Relocation assistance is available, but remote working is not a possibility for this position.

Junior Lisp Developer, RavenPack, Marbella, Spain


At RavenPack we are searching for a Junior Common Lisp Developer to join RavenPack’s Development Team.

As a Junior Common Lisp Developer, you will be part of the Analytics team which is in charge of the development and maintenance of applications that, among other things, extract data from incoming news and delivers machine-friendly analytics to customers.

You will be reporting directly to the Analytics Manager and will work with an international team of developers skilled in Common Lisp, Java, Python and SQL.

The ability to communicate effectively in English both in writing and verbally is a must. Knowledge of Spanish is not a business requirement. European Union legal working status is required. Competitive compensation and a fun working environment. Relocation assistance available, but working remotely is not possible for this position.

Software Engineer (Clojure), Chatterbox Labs, UK

From this post:

Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Natural Language Processing; Functional Programming; Java; Clojure; Lisp

Chatterbox Labs are looking for a Software Engineer to join our, UK-based team to help both implement our cognitive technologies. You should hold an MSc in the field of Computer Science (or a related/similar field) and have experience in a commercial software environment.

You will join our technical team who focus on the research and development of our multi-lingual Cognitive Engine for short form and long form text classification & our Synthetic Data Generator, alongside our Data Scientists.

This diverse role will allow you to both collaborate on machine learning research and to also implement commercial software.

  • Develop, extend and maintain underlying machine learning within the Cognitive Engine & Synthetic Data Generator
  • Implement & test Clojure & Java code for commercial release
  • Research, explore & evaluate new methods for classification & data synthesis
  • Co-create new Intellectual Property alongside the Data Science team
  • Test and evaluate current technologies and make recommendations for improvements
Required Qualifications
  • MSc in Computer Science or related field
  • Demonstrable experience of using a functional language, e.g. Clojure, Scala, Racket, Common Lisp, Haskell, Erlang, etc
  • Commercial experience using a Java Virtual Machine language (Java, Clojure, Groovy, etc)
  • Experience using collaborative software management tools (git, subversion, etc)
  • Strong problem solving and algorithm development skills
  • The desire to build robust, proven and tested technologies
Desirable Qualifications
  • Experience of developing machine learning software in a commercial environment
  • Experience either researching or applying:
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Deep learning techniques
  • Experience dealing with large datasets
  • Experience with large-scale processing frameworks (e.g. Hadoop, Spark)
Minimum Education Level

MSc in Computer Science or related field

Language Requirements
  • Spoken English language is essential
  • A second language is useful
To apply

Please send an email to with a cover note introducing yourself and a bit about you, and attach a comprehensive CV in pdf format.

Lisp Engineer, MIND.AI, Seoul, Korea & L.A, USA

MIND.AI ( is working on a brand new paradigm in artificial intelligence. We are looking to innovate REAL AI. Not just natural language processing but Natural Language Reasoning. We need versatile talents who are interested in changing the world. This is not deep learning but something totally new. And we need people with open and creative minds.


Artificial intelligence in a brand new paradigm. NOT deep learning/neural networks, but knowledge of same a plus. Symbolic/logical AI experience will be practiced. Developing core logic based on a new theory of information. Duties will include optimization of existing code and developing new features of the AI. We require significant experience in development activities on large projects and advanced software architecture and development in a large Common Lisp codebase. To build new components and extend existing tooling to meet project needs, and implement high-quality library components and products.


Specifically, the Lisp engineer will:

  • Integrate with natural language libraries and packages such as the google parser to form structured data based on our proprietary model (similar to semantic networks)
  • Build data structures and algorithms to acquire new information and relate it to existing ontologies (it learns how to learn)
  • Work with computational linguist to build up knowledge bases and further define knowledge representation
  • Develop persistence model (using database and object serialization)
  • Implementation of logical reasoning based on abductive, inductive and deductive reasoning models
  • Design and develop interactive learning interface
  • Optimizing existing code base



  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • 3+ years experience in Lisp programming (5+ years programming), working in structured systems and/or software development teams (Common Lisp, LispWorks preferred)
  • Thorough understanding of Lisp paradigms (eg, functional & object oriented)
  • Familiarity with common software architectures, design patterns, and software development life cycles



  • Experience with persistence (database & object serialization)
  • Experience with GOFAI.
  • Familiarity with formal logic.
  • Working with ontologies and taxonomies
  • Static and/or Dynamic Analysis
  • Dynamic analysis, program instrumentation, and profiling

Please send your CV to


Lisp programmer,, Lviv, Ukraine

(See also: is expanding and we are looking for candidates to join our strong cloud software development team.

We use Lisp systems to implement business logic operations such as resource accounting, data mining, billing, automated operations (AI), full system test suites and more. We wish to extend our team with another skilled colleague, to work with us in this area.

We expect a strong technical mind coupled with a visionary outlook and ability to work closely together with the entire team, from architecture through development, QA and ultimately production.

Keepit can offer a passionate working environment with bright minded colleagues bringing out the next generations of data consolidation, data security and data sharing solutions coupled with the ability to bring-out real value of the data of our customers.

Required skills:

Good understanding of Common Lisp;

Good algorithmic knowledge

Will be a plus:

Good understanding of HTTP, REST and XML;

Shell scripting and ability to read/write Makefiles;

Experience with Emacs, slime/swank and SBCL;

Some knowledge of C++

Desired communication skills:

Team player, but with high degree of ability to work independently;

Upper-intermediary level of English for daily written and video calls communication;

Person who is gladly willing to share knowledge within the team;

Willingness to take initiative and suggest alternative ways of solving problems;

Quick learner, self starter.

Contact information:

e-mail:, Skype: maryna.hnatyk

Linux systems engineer with Common Lisp experience, m-creations, Mainz, Germany

Full time position for German speaking Linux admin with Docker and
Common Lisp experience near Frankfurt, Germany

We are a small German software shop based in Mainz, Germany, founded in
2000. We create custom software solutions for mid-size to big companies
in finance/payment, health care, and media research.

For some of our customers, we also cover operational aspects of the
software lifecycle by creating and running Docker containers in
development, test, and production environments on clusters of servers
running Apache Mesos.

Missing pieces of infrastructure are written in Common Lisp (CL) and
interact with existing software components of the cluster (DNS, load
balancer etc.). Docker images are based on the embedded Linux
distribution OpenWrt.

We are looking for new colleagues who ideally

– have 3+ years of Linux experience (e.g. are fluent in shell scripting
and have a good overview of the GNU/Linux tools)

– have a working knowledge of Docker, its interaction with the host, and
the role of the container image

– have experience in Common Lisp (not necessarily professional)

– want to use CL to solve systems engineering problems (e.g. dynamic
load balancing, DNS re-configuration)

– are interested in mastering the OpenWrt build system (buildroot +
make/cmake) to create a secure in-container distribution

Experience in the mentioned areas is not as important as curiosity,
intelligence and open-mindedness. You will get the necessary time to
learn the missing skills. We are interested in a long-term relationship
rather than just staffing a project with ‘resources’.

Due to our size as a small company, we do care about each one of our
colleagues and react flexibly to the (sometimes changing) necessities of
their life. Together we try to develop a plan for your personal career,
depending on your own goals.

Curious? Please contact Kambiz Darabi at
He’ll be happy to give you more information and answer all your

m-creations gmbh
Acker 2
55116 Mainz

Clojure Web Developer, Kira Systems, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Full list:

We’re looking for a developer to be a part of the core team for our Clojure and ClojureScript web application. Our stack includes reactive single-page web client code and a distributed backend to handle internal computations.

You will be responsible for designing, implementing, and testing functionality in our web application, collaborating closely with other developers to improve your and other’s code, and working with our UI/UX team to make it slick. Most of all, we are looking for team members that are interested in learning and knowledge sharing.