(Even more!) Lisp developers, MCNA Dental, Ft Lauderdale, FL.

MCNA Dental of Ft Lauderdale continues to win new business and is developing cutting-edge enterprise software to help it manage the growth. Management has asked me to let the world know MCNA is still looking for solid, self-starting Common Lisp developers willing to relocate to sunny Ft Lauderdale, FL for permanent or consulting positions, permanent preferred. Telecommuting is highly unlikely to be considered just now. We are doing very cool things in Common Lisp and Postgres, including programming the Web via my qooxlisp library which largely hides the Javascript. We have a strong team of five developers but with the ambitious software goals and rapid growth MCNA will consider adding one or two strong candidates. Note that a strong developer in any Lispy language will be considered for a permanent position. Resumes and letters of interest can be sent to ktilton at mcna dot net.

Ken Tilton
MCNA Senior Software Architect.