Senior engineer, Border Stylo, Los Angeles

Senior engineer position

We expect applicants who think very mathematically and are well-versed in Haskell, Lisp, Scheme, ML, Erlang, or similar. ActiveX knowledge is a big plus.

You must also produce compact, top-quality code and be fluent in functional programming and continuation-passing style. Experience with search algorithms is also desirable. Advanced applicants should also have expert-level JavaScript, not just Prototype/jQuery.

In this position you will be surrounded by people who love what they do, so “love of the craft” is a priority.

Another Update: Senior Lisp Developer, Raleigh, NC

Robert Half Technology has an immediate need for a senior level Lisp Developer.  This is a full-time/employee position with a very stable software firm.  Candidates local to Raleigh, NC can work on-site in a great work environment.  Candidates outside the area have the option of working from home or relocating.  We require a Lisp Developer with Expert knowledge in Rules-Based Systems.  We are targeting candidates open to a base salary in the $80-$100K range.

Anyone interested in additional information regarding this opportunity should forward their resume to

Software engineer (Kassel, Germany)

Felix Winkelmann wrote to announce the following position:

Eisfeld Engineers ( based in Kassel, Germany is looking
for Lisp hackers participating in the development of “ConEd”, a
sophisticated GUI application for designing building structures.
ConEd allows the user to directly manipulate structural objects and
continuously recalculates load relations between those objects. Various
import- and export formats are supported to allow the interaction with CAD software and analysis programs.

We offer a friendly and flexible working environment and the
opportunity to use your Lisp skills to create, extend and maintain a
complex Common Lisp application used in real-world building

Lisp programming experience is required, as is dedication to the
task, a willingness to learn and the right measure of pragmatism.
Applicants should have some mastery of the German language.

Working on-site is greatly preferred, but remote development may be
an option under certain circumstances.

For more information, contact