Speech technologist, AFRL, Mesa, AZ

 Lisp and speech tech at the Air Force Research Lab:

L-3 Communications at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Mesa, AZ is currently looking for a computational linguist to help build a text-to-speech (TTS) speech synthesis system based on the Festival Architecture. … Strong programming skills in the following (listed in order of preference): Lisp, Scheme, C, C++, C#, and/or Java; and a demonstrated ability to learn new programming languages quickly to support project goals.


Vulnerability Detection Engineer, San Francisco

Looks like a Lisp job, anyway: (C programming is only a plus)

Create signatures for the QualysGuard product to detect vulnerabilities in the areas of Databases, Applications, Operating System, TCP/IP Protocols and network devices. Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills are a must, as solutions to many problems might not be obvious. A vulnerability detection engineer should also spend a proportion of time keeping up with current vulnerabilities, attacks, and countermeasures.