Experienced Common Lisp programmer, Delhi, India

Experienced Common Lisp programmer needed to work on a cutting edge AI system, that involves natural language processing, knowledge representation and reasoning, and education. The project is with SRI International, the AI department, and this particular position involves working with a team of software engineers and researchers in Delhi, India. Experience with natural language processing is desirable but not required. At least three years of professional experience with Common Lisp is required. Working on location in Delhi is desirable, but it is possible we could use someone from other parts of India. This work could be done as a contract (long-term), or employment options could also be discussed. The development platform is Allegro Common Lisp.

If you are interested in this position, or know of anyone who might be interested, please contact:

Roger Corman, email:  rcorman@cormtech.com

Common Lisp Programmers, Sydney, Australia

We have two full-time positions open for Common Lisp programmers, based in Sydney, Australia.  Successful applicants will join a small, focused team in maintaining and furthering the development of a leading multivariate testing platform.

Familiarity in the following areas would be considered a plus:

backend web server technology, Javascript, relational databases, statistics, distributed computing, Lispworks, Mercurial.

A high degree of autonomy and self-motivation will be expected.

Our software development culture is heavily based on the agile methodology.

Successful applicants will have about three hour pair programming coding session – bring your own projects (can be incomplete).

Please direct all enquiries to stevek-sydney-lisp-job@hotmail.com.