CL programmers, limedrive, Hamburg and Augsburg, Germany

[note from Clemens Harsch at]

Hello Will,
We’re developing high-quality browser-based-games and are looking for serveral skilled CL-Programmers (Senior & Junior Software Engineers) for our Headquarters in Hamburg|Germany and/or Augsburg|Germany.
One of our projects:

Developers with powerfull skills in Steel Bank Common Lisp are absolutely prefered.

Must have:

  • good German in speach and script
  • strong grip over MySQL, PostgreSQL, javascript, php/html/css and CL
  • expertise as Server-Administrator with Unix based Systems like Linux/Ubuntu and the Apache Webserver
  • ability to write high-performant, beautiful code
  • understanding of how the Web works…

Nice to have:

  • experience in SBCL (Steel Bank Common Lisp)
  • experience RoR, Java and C
  • experience with Berkeley DB, Hunchentoot Webserver
  • prior experience in leading small teams up to 5 people
  • You are a highly motivated individual with leadership skills
  • You’ve got experience in Game-Development, especially with browser-based-games

Please apply to:
contact then the at sign, limedrive dot de

Thanks for publishing our Lispjob!
with best regards

Clemens, CEO of limedrive studio