Programmer, Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise

A note from Pat Langley:

The Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise (ISLE) is
looking for a programmer to support DARPA-funded projects on
learning complex procedures from sample traces and transfer of
learned knowledge to new settings. The ideal candidate will have
experience with Lisp and logic programming, and be familiar with
AI research on hierarchical task networks, analogical reasoning,
and cognitive architectures.

ISLE ( is a nonprofit research organization
that has close relations with Stanford University’s Center for the
Study of Language and Information, and offers the opportunity to
design and implement cognitive systems in an academic setting.
This position will become available on January 1, 2007. If you are
interested, please send email to Tolga Konik <>.

Senior Developer, Smart Charter, Inc

From Craigslist:

Senior applications developer: Our advanced applications work is currently being done in Common Lisp, but that could change depending on who we find to fill this position. If you are the sort of person who has always wanted an opportunity to prove that Haskell or OCaml is the Best Way to write software, this could be your chance. But CL is currently our first choice.

(Thanks, Jon!)

Web developer, Smart Charter

On Craigslist:

Web developer: We are a principally a LAMP shop with P=Python, with some of our more advanced development currently taking place using Common Lisp. We are more interested in brains and motivation than formal credentials, though a degree in CS can’t hurt. But if we have to choose between a passionate high school dropout and and an apathetic Ph.D. we’ll take the dropout. If your main expertise is Java you are probably not a good fit.

(Thanks, Jon!)

Computational Social Scientist, BAE Systems

Computational Social Scientist, BAE Systems in Arlington, Virginia.

This individual should expect to participate on a team developing innovative solutions to National Hard problems. These solutions require the Computational Social Scientist to implement social science theory and perspectives as software.

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