Lisp programmer,, Lviv, Ukraine

(See also: is expanding and we are looking for candidates to join our strong cloud software development team.

We use Lisp systems to implement business logic operations such as resource accounting, data mining, billing, automated operations (AI), full system test suites and more. We wish to extend our team with another skilled colleague, to work with us in this area.

We expect a strong technical mind coupled with a visionary outlook and ability to work closely together with the entire team, from architecture through development, QA and ultimately production.

Keepit can offer a passionate working environment with bright minded colleagues bringing out the next generations of data consolidation, data security and data sharing solutions coupled with the ability to bring-out real value of the data of our customers.

Required skills:

Good understanding of Common Lisp;

Good algorithmic knowledge

Will be a plus:

Good understanding of HTTP, REST and XML;

Shell scripting and ability to read/write Makefiles;

Experience with Emacs, slime/swank and SBCL;

Some knowledge of C++

Desired communication skills:

Team player, but with high degree of ability to work independently;

Upper-intermediary level of English for daily written and video calls communication;

Person who is gladly willing to share knowledge within the team;

Willingness to take initiative and suggest alternative ways of solving problems;

Quick learner, self starter.

Contact information:

e-mail:, Skype: maryna.hnatyk