Human Language Technology, Mitre, Bedford, MA

 We are seeking exceptionally strong software engineers interested in working with cutting edge research technologies. Duties would include helping to develop prototypes in the area of HLT and other areas related to “intelligent information access,” such as bioinformatics, multi-modal data fusion and analysis for medical informatics, and analysis of malicious software. … No particular programming language is required, but some very useful ones would be: Java, C/C++, Perl, Python, Lisp, Ocaml.


Lisp job wanted: John Fremlin

Dear Will,Thanks for maintaining Lisp jobs!

I used to work in an embedded C environment (video decoding in mobile
phones and video iPod). Recently I have been playing around with a
high-performance Common Lisp webserver (now capable of serving more
than 1000 dynamic pages per second on one processor).

I should like someone to pay me money for writing programs in Lisp. In
return, they can specify the programs. 😉

John’s CV (PDF format).

Summer student internship, Lab49, New York City

I like their insouciance:

You need to be able to prove to us that you can keep up. We think that means you should be a Junior or Senior in Comp Sci Engineering (or equivalent). Listen, smarty-pants – you WILL be given a programming test. We know it seems dire, but hey, there are a lot of people out there who can’t do it. Statistically, you are among them. So prove us wrong, take the test, then we can get down to work.