Embedding Octave in SBCL Application (Consulting)

A note from Rosario Ingargiola: 

We are looking for an expert Lisp developer with familiarity with SBCL to complete an Octave interface project.  We have done extensive research and some prototyping and have some clear ideas about what we would like to accomplish and how.  The basic goal is to embed Octave into our proprietary processing engine implemented in SBCL so that lisp functions can call Octave functions as if they were native lisp.   Octave is an open source numerical computation package similar to MATLAB built on C++.  The processing engine is a well designed object oriented application with a C level FFI via SBCL.  The remaining tasks include 1) refine C++ Octave glue, 2) unify vector representations, 3) improve error recovery and reporting, and 4) document how the solution works.    The processing engine API is well defined.  Please contact Rosario M. Ingargiola, CTO of Alphacet via email at rosarioi@alphacet.com .  Please send your resume with your first communication.


Best Regards,

Rosario M. Ingargiola


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