Skygrid jobs, Sunnyvale, CA

Their elevator pitch:

SkyGrid was founded March 2005 to make it easier to see what information is having the biggest impact on the web. Today, SkyGrid is a rapid growth start-up fusing next-generation persistent search and deep semantic analysis to produce rich, immediate, and accurate insights. SkyGrid’s SaaS platform serves some of the fastest acting companies in the world and is a key part of mission critical decisions. Current customers include leading financial institutions with asset bases from $20 billion to almost $1 trillion. SkyGrid has received funding from a group of sophisticated and highly experienced investors such as DFJ, Esther Dyson, Jeffrey Parker (founder of FirstCall, CCBN, StreetEvents), and Jeffrey Hussey (founder of F5). Skygrid’s headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, CA.

They don’t have a jobs page, but the List delightfully hand-crafted by Craig  has several jobs in which the knowledge of Lisp is required to be ‘deep,’ (along with other, more usual, suspects).

A SF area Craigslist search:

Experienced Scheme Developer, Montreal

François Magnan writes:


We are looking for an experienced Scheme programmer to join the LICEF Research Center (at TELUQ/UQAM) development team.

This person would work with Gambit to help in the development of the LORNET project. In particular, the initial project would be continue the development of a workflow/dataflow engine (based on Termite). This work is part of the TELOS system which is a Semantic Web based OS. Taking place between research and applications, the work is very interesting and provides great challenges.

The work environment and conditions are great. We are located (in Montreal) at the corner of St-Urbain and Sherbrooke in the new UQAM building. If you are interested, please send me your resumé by email with “Scheme Job” in the title of your message.

Thank you,
Francois Magnan

Contact Dr. Magnan directly using the address: francois.magnan@licef…

Update: Dr. Magnan writes to say that the position has been filled.