Lisp developer, MCNA, Fort Laurderdale, Florida

Kenny Tilton writes:

Things are heating up at MCNA, a fast-growing Ft Lauderdale dental health-insurance company. My last post on Lisp Jobs over-emphasized both the web aspect and the short-term push: the company is in fact re-engineering their business and all their software to handle on-going rapid growth and is looking for full-time or at least local developers to take them through this ground-up systems re-write on into the future.

Let me emphasize again because I messed it up last time: there is nothing short-term about this, which is why they want full-time employees who will stay on for much more work ahead. New hires will join an already great team of six developers and a hip Lisp wannabe CIO who is probably smarter than all of us for a great ride as we prove Paul Graham right.

If you can churn out code like nobody’s business and have Lisped before, get in touch. Solid Lisp is preferred, but show us some prior dabbling and otherwise great potential and we can talk. Also of interest albeit OT: a gifted sys admin with large-scale production AWS Cloud experience; one or two exceptional Rails developers to support the legacy system during the transition and then (back OT) cross-training into future Lisp work.

Ken Tilton