Lisp job wanted: Micheal Israel

I am currently taking classes at Empire State College and would like to get an entry to mid level Lisp programming job to gain experience and hone my Lisp programming skills. I know Common Lisp, Scheme and CLOS. I am in the process of learning Prolog. I would eventually like to work as an AI researcher. Because of my school, I would have to telecommute; I have LispWorks 4.4 Enterprise Edition and a broadband connection. I have everything I need to start working as a Lisp consultant, except for a paying client. Right now, I am very flexible about money and am looking for at PT position to help with my school expenses. I am hoping that it may grow into a FT position that I can keep upon graduating from school in the middle of next year. But, as of the moment, I will take any and all Lisp jobs that would allow me to telecommute. I am hoping for a job that involves Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Artificial Life (AL) as that is what I want to do when I graduate. If you have a need for a young aspiring Lisp programmer please e-mail me at misrael3620 at gmail dot com or phone me at (585) 461-3254 (I’m never home because of my hectic school schedule so just leave me a message)

I also have an undergraduate English degree as well as a Computer Science I would be willing to do technical writing or writing up a business plan. Again, because of school, this would have to be on a telecommuting basis. I have written some technical articles about using computer software which was published by a small presses trade publication. In fact, I was preparing to be a technical writer–I love AI and AL so I would love to work for a company doing AI or AL research.

Editor’s note: Please contact Mr. Israel directly for follow-up.

Software Architect, Common Language Runtime Team, Microsoft

“Microsoft seeks to hire a Software Architect for the Common Language Runtime organization. The .NET Developer Platform Division is responsible for the design and implementation of Microsoft’s next-generation software development platform, the .NET Framework.” Obviously not a Lisp position per se, but “Deep experience with execution environments such as Smalltalk, Lisp, or the JVM preferred.”

Lisp job wanted: Ken Harris

I’m looking for: a job where I can become great at Lisp.

My main interest is user interfaces, but I can find the fun in lots of
things. If you’re using lisp, you’re probably doing interesting

I’ve worked big projects in Python, and before that Java (never
again!), and a bunch of other languages for smaller things. I’ve
played with Lisp on-and-off since 1996 (“on”, right now). I haven’t
done enough with Lisp to call myself an experienced lisper, though I
am experienced in other languages (5+ years exp out of school). I’d
love a job that enabled me to get great at Lisp, especially working
with experienced lispers.

Right now I’m in the Seattle area. I’m pretty flexible about
location, except I don’t really want to go somewhere with really cold
winters (like the northeastern US — I’ve spent too many winters
there). It doesn’t have to be in the US: I speak a little of several
languages, and would love improving at those, too.

Startups are cool. I’m willing to do something crazy. Try me!

Ken Harris kengruven =at=