SBCL guru sought (Alphacet)

Rosario M. Ingargiola of Alphacet writes:

SBCL Guru Sought

We are looking for a consultant that has experience working with SBCL.  The initial project is as follows:

1. Show us how to use the foreign function interface in SBCL to access C and FORTRAN via .so dynamic library files.

2. Build a simple framework for loading and calling external libraries from SBCL (pre-loaded code we write and third-party libraries; not looking for automatic glue generation just hooks to make the process easier)

3. Create build and deployment mechanisms for this part of our product which installs multithreaded SBCL and our application CL code.

There would likely be other projects depending upon experience.   Working remotely and moonlighting is okay.  Please contact

Compiler jobs at Hengsoft (Palatine, IL)

From comp.compilers:

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 11:07:36 -0500 
From: Frank Weil <> 
Subject: Compiler jobs at Hengsoft (Palatine IL) 

The Software Design Automation group, a core part of Hengsoft LLC, a 
newly formed company with operations in Palatine, Illinois; Kiev, 
Ukraine; St. Petersburg, Russia; and Tianjin, China; is hiring to fill 
full-time research and development positions for its Palatine 

The group’s focus is the automatic transformation of high-level 
specifications into efficient, product-quality code and the 
development of supporting tools written largely in Common Lisp. This 
transformation is driven by a knowledge base of both general-purpose 
and domain-specific programming techniques. The current system has a 
development history of more than 10 years and has successfully been 
applied to produce code shipped in a number of commercial 
telecommunications products. 

Responsibilities of these positions include the identification and 
codification of domain-specific optimization and implementation 
schemes, their integration into the existing code-generation 
framework, and the development and testing of resultant 
compilers. Experience in one or more of the following areas would 
therefore be valuable: 

* Lisp programming 
* Optimization techniques 
* Program derivation 
* Algorithm derivation 
* Partial evaluation 
* Type inferencing 
* Datatype refinement 
* Parallelization / Serialization 

Necessary skills include an understanding of implementation and 
optimization techniques that go beyond mere programming experience, 
and the ability to codify such knowledge in order for it to be applied 
to specifications. Strong programming skills and modeling skills in 
UML or SDL are helpful as well. We currently do not have specific need 
for parsers, lexers, or back-end compiler techniques as a main 

If your strengths lie in one or more of these (or related) areas and you 
are interested in working in a dynamic and highly productive 
environment, please send your resume to: 

Dr. Frank Weil 
Hengsoft LLC 
1530 E. Dundee Road 
Palatine, IL   60074   USA 

fax: (847) 327-3896 


(Thanks, Rainer Josweg)