Lisp Developer, Analytics, Teleonto Technologies, Hyderabad, India

An email from Chakravarthy Parankusam at Teleonto:

Teleonto Technologies Private Ltd., located in Hyderabad, India, builds
and delivers an exciting and growing range of analytics for the
telecommunications industry using Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Teleonto has made a major commitment to the use of Lisp and functional
programming. Our versatile ApT platform is a service-oriented
architectural workflow framework written in Common Lisp, and makes use
of high-performance, dynamic, object caching database technology. We
are extending our range to include Semantic Web techniques.

We are always interested in candidates who have experience with
functional programming, particularly with Lisp, but also with other
languages such as Scheme or Smalltalk. We are particularly interested in
candidates who have delivered products written in Lisp and have interest
in Artificial Intelligence. Experience with data mining or with applied
artificial intelligence techniques is a plus. We have openings at all
levels of experience.

To apply or inquire, please send email with information about your
experience and interests to hr at teleonto dot com.
Find more information about Teleonto Technologies Pvt. Ltd. at

Lisp consultants, Nyack NY (Two positions; repost)

Rhoda Rojas, of Global Healthcare Exchange writes:

Hi Will,

My company, GHX, is looking for consultants in the Nyack, NY area. Can you post these jobs to your job board? If you have any questions please let me know.


Rhoda Rojas
Sr Human Resources Generalist

Global Healthcare Exchange
1315 W. Century Drive
Louisville, CO 80027

Expert Lisp Programmer – Nyack, NY

We are looking for a hands-on senior Common Lisp programmer to help us complete an innovative business solution being built on core human principles. The candidate will have significant in-depth experience with AI and object-oriented programming in Lisp. Ideally, the candidate should have some familiarity with Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation techniques. An advanced degree is preferred. However, consideration will also be given to persons with outstanding experience.

Interested candidates should email resumes to

Lisp/AI Senior Systems Engineer – Nyack, NY

We are looking for a hands-on, senior lisp/AI programmer to help us develop an innovative business solution being built on core human principles. The candidate will have significant in-depth experience programming AI projects in Common Lisp (Allegro and SBCL are used) and CLOS. Ideally, the candidate should have a background in Knowledge Representation, and Machine Learning. Experience with Natural Language Processing is a plus. While fluency in Lisp and object-oriented programming is a requirement, fluency in Java and/or Ruby is a plus. Knowledge of SOA, object frameworks and the like is also a plus.

A qualified candidate will be a Senior Developer for a healthcare development organization. The candidate must be able to thrive in a rapid development environment requiring minimal supervision and direction. The target clients are hospitals, wishing to deploy easily over the web.

The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of IT and Lisp experience with excellent written and oral communication skills. An advanced degree is preferred, but experienced candidates will be considered as well. We offer competitive compensation and benefits and a collaborative work environment

Interested candidates should email resumes to

I posted these positions before, but apparently they are still unfilled.

Research Assistant/Programmer, Knexus Research, Springfield, VA

The candidate will be responsible for a variety of research support tasks including but not limited to experimental design, statistical analysis of research results, scientific modeling of systems and human responses, and creation of software to support scientific experimentation. We are looking for a junior-level person with good communications and team skills who is adaptable to new situations and has an interest in pursuing scientific progress, and is willing and able to pick up new knowledge and skills quickly.


Lisp consulting opportunity,

An email from Rosario M. Ingargiola:

We are looking for an excellent Lisp developer that has very good mathematical capabilities (math PhD and/or domain expertise would be major pluses) to write a bunch of key routines for our algorithmic trading platform.

Our platform is a visual modeling environment that lets users create arbitrarily complex algorithmic trading strategies without writing a single line of code (all drag and drop flow diagramming).  The core of the enterprise class client server application is a Processing Engine implemented in Lisp. The current library contains 500+ routines including every major machine learning algorithm.

The task at hand is to build the routines and sub-routines to support the strategies one of our PhD’s specified in MatLab code.  These routines include:  Multiple Regression with Dickey Fuller Statistic, Cointegration with Johansen Function, GARCH, Granger Causality, Vector Auto-Regression, Bayesian Network, Kalman Filter, Wavelet, Covariance, and others.

We can provide the source MatLab code for all of these routines as well as details about the inputs and outputs and context surrounding how they will be used in our system.

We may also have a second project that involves porting Decision Tree, Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm, Linear Regression and k-Nearest Neighbor algorithms from one version of Lisp to a different, threaded Lisp.

Please get in touch with to discuss this project.

Part-time Lisp job: startup

A note from Roger:


We’re looking for a seasoned lisp programmer who can help us build out a resource scheduling application. The position is a part time, but (hopefully) long term.

If you have programmed Lisp for 3+ years (or you can program like you’ve programmed lisp for 3+ years :-), you know scripting languages like ruby and python, know how to read and write to a database (we’re using postgres),  PAIP is among your favorite books and want to be part of a very small team and want to work on a project that actually helps kids reach their goals, this could be a good opportunity for you … Relevant experience with constraint based scheduling is a big plus.

We are in silicon valley but we have no problem if you are remote. It might even be good if  you’re in a different time zone, as we work mostly evenings an nights. We mostly communicate through IM, mail and our wiki. We meet 1-2 times a week at an appropriate coffee shop.

The app is hosted, written in rails. For scheduling and some other modules, we’ll be using lisp. I have a fair amount of Lisp programming experience, but you should be a lot better 🙂 Looks like we’ll be using SBCL.

Compensation.. we can pay you for your efforts in modest salary as well as in equity. We don’t have a lot of money, so this is definitely not a ‘get rich quick’ opportunity.

About us:
We’re currently a team of 2 people + some advisors who are working in our copious spare time on this project. The background of the team is web, database and education. The 2 principals both have CS degrees.

If this sounds interesting to you, then please send an email to Please include some background information (experience, location) on yourself.