Ghent University, Clojure

We have a interesting job opening for a developer on site at Ghent University Library (Belgium) for 13 months. You’ll join our team to participate in creating a image search engine for high resolution scans of old manuscripts. Experience with Java/Clojure is very welcome. Like to learn djatoka,imageio, clojure, solr, couchdb? Please contact us.

Job description (in Dutch):

Senior Software Engineer – Clojure, Akamai Technologies, Cambridge, Massachusetts

I received a note from Mike McLaughlin, a recruiter at Akamai Technologies, with a description of a job there.

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer – Clojure
Location: Cambridge, MA
Apply online here –

He writes:

The bulk of the work will be in Clojure and Java.

We recently acquired a company called Velocitude. They have a mobile optimization product that is written in Clojure so we need to add additional engineers to our mobile group so we can help scale up the product as it goes out to our customers.

Looks interesting! Take a look.

Senior Research Engineer, SRI International

The AI center at SRI International is looking for a highly creative
research engineer to join a team of researchers building evaluation
driven knowledge based systems.  We are seeking an individual with
strong background in logic, knowledge representation and ontologies.
The backend code is written in Lisp, and therefore, we require
strong Lisp programming skills.


Responsibilities will include dedicated work in software development
and maintenance of complex software systems in the following areas:
– knowledge acquisition
– truth maintenance
– automated reasoning
– natural language processing

The research engineer’s role will be to contribute
approaches, designs, applications, implementations, documentation,
and publications. Initial project work will be to implement and extend
several knowledge management tools in Lisp.  We anticipate applying
these techniques to problems that are of interest to both government
and business with an eye toward commercialization
opportunities.  The position requires excellent communication skills,
willingness and ability to work in a team and to undertake a significant
system building effort.

Background and exposure to Artificial Intelligence, specifically,
knowledge representation.  Substantial common lisp programming
experience.  Thorough understanding of web-based technologies,
for example, XML, HTML, and Java, and user interface programming.
Experience in writing test suites for large complex systems.

Education/Discipline Preferred:

MS/Ph.D. in computer science or equivalent with specialization in
Artificial Intelligence. Five years experience building complex systems.

Title of Position:

Senior Research Engineer / Computer Scientist