Computational Linguist (Mesa, AZ)

L-3 Communications at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Mesa, AZ is currently looking for help building a text-to-speech (TTS) speech synthesis system based on the Festival Architecture. They list both LISP and Scheme as their top preference for programming languages.

Senior Software Engineer, Reservation Systems (Cambridge, MA)

Yes, the big dog on the block is still looking to hire LISP Engineers. I don’t plan on posting more of these, since I assume that everyone in the community is in the know. On the other hand, if you do want to see these regularly, let me (Hal) know and I’ll do what I can.

Lisp Programmer, Bloodhound Technologies

From William Paul Vrotney:


     Bloodhound Technologies


      Position Title: Lisp / Knowledge Engineer

      Position Summary:

      Bloodhound Technologies, developers of the Convergence Point Overpayment and Protection System, currently has an opportunity for a Lisp Software/Knowledge Engineer. This position offers a candidate the ability to work with a leading edge technology company, focused on the detection of errors, abuse and fraud in the Healthcare Claims Payment domain.

      Bloodhound’s Development group consists of a small focused team of professionals, responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of the Convergence Point service.  Convergence Point is offered to clients through a 24x7x365 Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

      The successful candidate will have a blend of technology expertise that will allow them to collaborate in a technology rich environment. Additionally, the candidate will be a well-​versed Lisp developer with expert system expertise.

      This position will require the candidate to perform software requirements gathering, design new and innovative applications or systems, test, support, and deploy applications into the production environment.  Knowledge of and experience building object-​oriented and knowledge-​based systems is highly desirable.

      Professionals who are anxious to take their skill set to the next level, enjoy working with a broad range of leading edge technologies, and are looking for an opportunity to apply their creative talents to real world problems, are the candidates we are looking for.

      Major Roles and Responsibilities:

      Team Role: Reports to the Development Director.  Works closely with the Development Director and other team members in a fast paced and dynamic environment to provide high quality solutions in limited timeframes.

      Design: Candidate must have proven ability to take requirements and assist in the design of a complete system.

      Development: Candidate is a software developer who can successfully build from a set of requirements.  Will be qualified in the identification of implementation concerns and raise those concerns to the Development Director for evaluation and resolution.

      Testing: Candidate must be experienced in and contribute to all aspects of software testing.

      Required Skill Set:

      5+ years experience designing and building both system-​level and application software using ANSI Common Lisp.

      Experience building CLOS based object-​oriented and knowledge-​based systems.

      Experience with structured development methodologies and software development lifecycles.

      Experience with at least 1 full life-​cycle software development project.

      Experience building practical applications of Artificial Intelligence.

      Experience with expert system development, employing both forward and backward chaining rule systems.

      Experience working with natural language authoring environments.

      Experience building Ontologies.

      Strong database SQL and analytical skills, highly desirable.

      Experience using Oracle, desirable.

      Experience with CVS, desirable.

      Skilled with one of these OS’: Linux or Windows; and familiarity with the other platform

      Ability to work well in a small team and independently in a fast-​paced, demanding environment.

      Must be able to write clear and concise documentation.

      Good communication skills are required.

      Personal Aptitudes:

      Strong time management skills.

      Flexible and able to work in fast paced “get it done now” situations.

      Customer service oriented.

      Willingness to embrace new opportunities, and a passion for technology.

      Willing to gain understanding of Health Insurance Industry.  It is expected that candidate will have desire to gain a sufficient amount of clinical expertise to better compliment the engineering expertise.

      Proactive, rather than reactive, at solving problems.

To apply, please e-mail your resume or curriculum vitae to and indicate job title in the subject line.


Leslie Polzer writes:

We’re offering an internship:

The intern will work on our main project, an interactive
browser game written in Common Lisp with high availability

The position is unpaid but we’re very flexible with respect
to your goals and your time: work may be carried out remote
(communication via mail/instant messaging) and you can choose
among a wide range of tasks.

You should know some Common Lisp, but experience in another
programming language may be sufficient too. Code samples
are welcome. You’ll need to know JavaScript, CSS and HTML
if you want to work on the frontend.

Write to if you’re interested in
working on a real-life project in Common Lisp.

Only serious applicants, please.

Research Programmer, University of Arizona

This is a full-time programming position for an AI research group in the Department of Computer Science. System design, implementation, testing; working with contractors at other locations to integrate code. Projects include DARPA-sponsored system development in planning and decision-making, machine learning, and educational technology.