ITA Software, still hiring

Have I mentioned recently that ITA Software is still hiring? (5 Lisp jobs listed currently)


Senior Software Engineers, surveillance systems, Houston, Texas

Senior Software Engineer (Pattern Recognition): “Works with development team to research, design, inspect, and test computer software in support of corporate vision and project direction. ” (I wonder if the surveillance system provides the vision and direction?)

Mostly C++, I think, but “experience using LISP, especially for machine learning implementations.” is a nice-to-have.


Quantum computing software developer, D-Wave Systems, Burnaby, BC

D-Wave Systems is seeking an experienced software developer to join the Hardware Development & Engineering group. Reporting to the Director of R&D, the successful candidate will be responsible for architecting, designing, programming, testing and maintaining the entire suite of software programs necessary to support the testing and operation of D-Wave’s quantum computing hardware. The software is an integral part of the quantum computing system and is used for a variety of purposes including calibration, operation, testing and benchmarking.

Experience programming in Common Lisp or a related language required.

link (PDF job description)