Phd/Post-docs, Hamilton Institute, Ireland

Functional Programming and Automatic Differentiation

PhD Studentships & Postdoctoral Positions

We are adding exact first-class derivative calculation operators
(Automatic Differentiation or AD) to the lambda calculus, and
embodying the combination into a production-quality optimising
compiler.  Our research prototype compiler (source language VLAD, a
pure dialect of Scheme) generates object code competitive with the
fastest current systems, which are based on FORTRAN.  We are seeking
PhD students and postdocs with interest and experience in relevant
areas: programming language theory, numeric computing/numeric linear
algebra, or differential geometry; and a burning drive to help lift
big iron numeric computing out of the 1960s and into a newer higher
order.  Specific sub-projects include: compiler and numeric
programming environment construction; writing, simplifying, and
generalising numeric algorithms through the use of AD operators; and
associated type/lambda calculus/PLT/real computation issues.

The project headquarters will be in the Hamilton Institute, NUI
Maynooth, Ireland,

Applications to:
“Barak A. Pearlmutter” <>