Lisp projects: Symbolic Space, NY and LA

Symbolic Space is hiring!

Symbolic Space is a technology company in NY and LA specializing in cad/cam applications. We use Common Lisp extensively and are committed to its use and development. Many of the tools you would be working on will be open-sourced in the near future.

Symbolic Space is looking for candidates to work on a project basis on the following:

  • Deftree: An MVC framework built on Hunchentoot with a hierarchical data model. This has some deep macrology that needs to be scrubbed and factored. JQuery experience is also helpful.
  • Codename Faust: A Common Lisp implemented in Qt. This is a nascent project that is critical to Symbolic Space’s future. Developers experienced with both Common Lisp and Qt/C++ are required.
  • Codename DCC: Digital asset generation technology for 3D content creation applications. Professional experience with Autodesk Maya or any CG industry experience is preferred.

Please send CVs, links to websites, or anything else you deem relevant to jakekozinn (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!