Senior Lisp Developer, stealth startup

Looking for Senior Lisp Developer

We’re a stealth mode startup with a Lisp (Franz) based prototype, about to go looking for VC money.

We have a very short term need that involves some web scripting for a survey, 2-3 days work.

We also want to continue development to improve the prototype, some well defined work, some driven by VC requests, etc.

Experience in math/statistics, natural language is useful, but not required.

Compensation is flexible – stock vs. $s

We’ve raised $300K in angel money, and the BOD includes former a Britannica CEO, VP Ashton-Tate, VP AOL, VP Networking Software SCO (when it was a real company), etc. so we’re serious!

Would be nice if you live in SF Bay area, but not necessary.

If interested, email resume to, and let me know a time/phone# for a chat!