Auphelia Technologies, ERP

Hi everyone,

Auphelia Technologies is looking for highly skilled resources for work
in Gambit / JazzScheme, Web development and Database architecture.

Auphelia Technologies offers integrated management software, entirely
customized for small and medium-sized businesses, using innovative
technology and revolutionary features. Auphelia is located in
Montreal, Canada. See (under construction).

Gambit is a complete, portable, efficient and reliable implementation
of the Scheme programming language. See

JazzScheme is an open source programming language and cross-platform
framework built on top of Gambit . It includes a sophisticated IDE and
has been used for more than 10 years to develop high-quality
commercial software. See


We are starting development on a new Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) software that we plan on making top of its class. Work will be a
complete rewrite and a major evolution of an existing product already
in use by a large client base.

Note that this project is a highly complex undertaking as we will not
be developing just another ERP software but a complete dynamic ERP
creation platform. Project is planned to last around 1 1/2 year for
the first release. Current team is composed of 10 people and is
planned to grow to around 25.


After an exhaustive evaluation period, decision has been made to
develop the backend entirely in Gambit / JazzScheme. We still haven’t
decided between Qt and JazzScheme for our desktop client solution but
if the JazzScheme platform can be evolved to suit our needs, we have a
definite preference for using it accross the whole project.


We need resources for the following 4 positions :


1 or 2 resources to work closely with Gambit and JazzScheme’s authors
to evolve the JazzScheme langage and framework during a period of
about 6 months. Planned work includes :
– Language
– Module / build system
– Performance / memory
– IDE / Remote debugger
– X11 and MacOS X frontends

Note that Gambit’s author Marc Feeley, has confirmed his participation
part time in the project!

Ideally, the resources we are looking for would have expert knowledge
in Lisp, Scheme, Gambit and JazzScheme! But realisticaly, if you don’t
know those but are brilliant, motivated and want to be part of an
exciting project that could put Scheme to the forefront, please send
us your resume!


1 or 2 resources to complete our existing team and work on the Desktop
client and / or Server layer. Knowledge of the following is a definite
plus :
– Lisp, Scheme, Gambit, JazzScheme
– GUI development
– Highly scalable server development
– Databases, SQL


1 resource to work on the Web client. We need a world class expert in
advanced web interfaces as the Web client will have to implement all
the functionality of the Desktop client. Knowledge of the following is
critical :
– Dynamic web development with AJAX
– Advanced web interfaces
– Javascript


1 resource to be lead in every database related work. Knowledge of the
following is critical :
– World class expertise in database modeling
– Databases : PostgreSQL (will probably be the first one supported),
Oracle, SQLite (for the offline mode)

Ideally we are looking for full time resources located near Montreal
but are definitely open to remote work and other options. Auphelia
Technologies offers competitive & flexible employment conditions.

PS: Please feel free to pass this announce to your friends!


Guillaume Cartier