Full-time Common Lisp programmer, Melbourne, Australia

A note from Gregory Tod:

I will launch a small programming business in the outer eastern
suburbs of Melbourne, Australia early in 2009.  The business will be
well funded and the ideal situation would be to hire a full-time
Common Lisp programmer to work alongside me developing the core
software platform over 6 months before engaging with clients.

The software will be a platform to facilitate the rapid development of
data driven business software systems.  Client side deployment over a
browser with HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. and server side Common Lisp and
PostgreSQL on Linux.  The founding premise of the platform is that
a client will constantly wish to change and augment their delivered
system and that the software should make this trivially easy.

Recognizing the potentially small pool of candidates in Melbourne all
levels of experience will be considered, starting with “Keen to
program in CL”.  Profit share and even equity share for the right
person are options.

Please send a short (no CVs) email detailing recent programming
experience and your level of interest in the role to lisp-job at gtod
dot net.