Lisp job wanted: David Young

David Young writes:

Hi Will. So, I’ve been developing commercial Lisp applications for almost 10 consecutive years now. Much of my experience is knowledge-based/expert systems, but I’ve done a lot of general purpose Lisp development. I’ve been at my present position for six years, building expert systems for the health care industry (using LispWorks Enterprise and KnowledgeWorks).

For various reasons, I’m ready to move on. I’d prefer a position in applied medical or scientific research; something that benefits people. However, I’m willing to look at most opportunities. I live in the Raleigh area of North Carolina, and do not want to relocate. Telecommuting is ok, but I need a full-time position.

Thanks very much for your work with Lispjobs.

peace, David E. Young

Contact David directly at youngde -at- pobox -dot- com.