Lisp Developers, Teleonto Technologies, Hyderabad, India

Teleonto Technologies Private Ltd., located in Hyderabad, India, builds and
delivers an exciting and growing range of analytics for the
telecommunications industry.

Teleonto has made a major commitment to the use of Lisp and functional
programming. Our versatile ApT platform is a service-oriented architectural
workflow framework written in Common Lisp, and makes use of
high-performance, dynamic, object caching database technology. We are
extending our range to include ontology definition using RDF triples.

We are always interested in candidates who have experience with functional
programming, particularly with Lisp, but also with other functional
languages such as Scheme or Smalltalk. We are particularly interested in
candidates who have delivered products written in Lisp. Experience with
data mining or with applied artificial intelligence techniques is a plus.
We have openings at all levels of experience.

We are also setting up a Lisp training center, and we are looking for a Lisp instructor to run that program.

To apply or inquire, please send email with information about your
experience and interests to lispjobs at teleonto dot com.