Expert Lisp Remote Consultant

An email came today:


We are new to lisp but believe it to be quite powerful.  Your site was recommended to us by Mark Watson, who is helping us, and Bill Clemenson.  Our need to for a couple of heavy lisp developers with some AI part or full-time working mostly remotely is fine.  We are building an understanding generator for health care.  Here is a job description and if you would be so kind to post it we would be grateful.  I am a development manager for GHX (Global Healthcare Exchange).

Position: Expert Lisp Remote Consultant  – part or full time excellent compensation

We are looking for a grounded hands-on senior lisp programmer to help us complete an innovative business solution being built on core human principles.  The candidate will have significant in-depth experience of AI programming specifically: Machine Learning, Bayesian/Neural Networks, Relevance Feedback, etc. An advanced degree is preferred; however consideration will also be given to persons of outstanding experience and background.

Lou Davis


One thought on “Expert Lisp Remote Consultant

  1. I would like to know more about this job, in particular a description of the system: understanding generator for health care. Is there any known system related to this taks?

    I could work remotely part time.


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