Sandeep Patil, Lisp project wanted

Sandeep Patil writes:


i am fresher in lisp /prolog /python .right now i am working in  java /j2ee want to change my curent platform, for that i need to implement one  project on this platform .
how i will do this in india now i am not authorised out of india.
what i will do now .

sandeep patil

pune, india

Contact: san_2012 -at-

4 thoughts on “Sandeep Patil, Lisp project wanted

  1. dear sir

    thank you for response me on lispjobs. i have read about your the project. now i am sile one & i don’t have experience on it .
    if you will get sum more people the mail me i will work in on stipend
    or project trainee

    thank you


    sandeep patil
    pune ,india

  2. Contact Vivek Shangari in Bangalore – he’s the Lisp Guru in India. Most of the products he builds are made in Lisp & Python. You can get his contact details from his new venture – a startup currently in stealth mode –


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