(Telecommuting) Lisp Consultants

Clozure Associates is seeking experienced Common Lisp programmers to work with us on a variety of projects.  At this time we’re primarily looking for people  who could join us for a six month full time commitment. (Full-time = 35 to 40 hours per week.)  The work may require a trip to Boston at the outset, but otherwise can be done from any location.  If you’re interested and potentially available, please send an e-mail with your resume and a pointer to some Lisp code you’ve written to jobs@clozure.com.

Clozure Associates is a Common Lisp consulting firm and the maintainers of OpenMCL.

(direct email from Andrew Shalit)


One thought on “(Telecommuting) Lisp Consultants

  1. oh man. i didn’t know there were any lisp consulting firms near me. i’d deffinately be interested in doing an internship during the summer or something. would look good on my college application and i would be able to gain a bunch of knowledge. i’m doing an independent study of lisp right now in school. so i should be able to take ap computer science in the 12th grade.


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