Powerset jobs

Well, I can’t promise you that you’ll be able to use Lisp on a daily basis, but there are some Lisp’ers among us; in any case, the jobs are pretty sweet, and the job location is too. Powerset is creating a new search engine that uses natural language technology and we need brilliant people like you. So, check out the jobs and see if any are for you.



One thought on “Powerset jobs

  1. You say that you can’t promise “Lisp use on a daily basis”, but can you even give an expectation of any Lisp use at all?

    Posting this on Lispjobs doesn’t really make much sense to me, since none of the jobs on the page you’re linking to even make the lip service of saying that “Lisp experience is appreciated”. Of course it’s your blog, and you have the right to post whatever you want, but I don’t really think that this ad is appropriate on Planet Lisp, any more than e.g. a generic “come work at a non-Lisp job at Google” one would be. After all, by all reports it’s also a really great place to work at, and several Lispniks work there.

    (Also, dogs in the office? Eww…)


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