Lisp job wanted: Ken Harris

I’m looking for: a job where I can become great at Lisp.

My main interest is user interfaces, but I can find the fun in lots of
things. If you’re using lisp, you’re probably doing interesting

I’ve worked big projects in Python, and before that Java (never
again!), and a bunch of other languages for smaller things. I’ve
played with Lisp on-and-off since 1996 (“on”, right now). I haven’t
done enough with Lisp to call myself an experienced lisper, though I
am experienced in other languages (5+ years exp out of school). I’d
love a job that enabled me to get great at Lisp, especially working
with experienced lispers.

Right now I’m in the Seattle area. I’m pretty flexible about
location, except I don’t really want to go somewhere with really cold
winters (like the northeastern US — I’ve spent too many winters
there). It doesn’t have to be in the US: I speak a little of several
languages, and would love improving at those, too.

Startups are cool. I’m willing to do something crazy. Try me!

Ken Harris kengruven =at=


One thought on “Lisp job wanted: Ken Harris

  1. We work exclusively in Lisp. Unfortunately we are in the NE which you hate. But we may have other options. If you’re interested, send me a detailed resume.

    G. House.


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