Lisp job wanted: Andrei Haber

Working in Lisp would be for me a dream job. This is what I’ve done for the last some 6 years, but the last about 2 years were not that exciting any more, to say the least … Could you refill my Lisp cup? I’m thirsty, and your ad gives me hopes.

I live in Switzerland, but I would consider relocation for the right job. On another hand, as I live alone, and as I am grandly supplied both with computing equipment, and with a broadband connection, one could say that my working environment at home would be ideal … working an undefined number of hours a day, any number of days a week, be it at noon or at midnight. The appetite is there, I would say that the intelligence is also where it should be. If you would be ready to consider that …

If all this appeals to you, then I stand ready to send you my CV, plus a list of significant projects in an (admittedly) long career. Don’t worry about my age (61), I guarantee that it is purely biological; it has nothing to do with my mind.

Looking forward to your answer I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Andrei Haber

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