Expert Lisp AI Programmer, non-profit organization

From Craigslist:

We are looking for a spiritually grounded hands-on senior lisp programmer to help us complete an innovative business solution being built on core human principles. The candidate will have significant in-depth experience of AI programming specifically; Agents, Expert Systems, Bayesian/Neural Networks, Relevance Feedback, etc. An advanced degree is preferred; however consideration will also be given to persons of outstanding experience and background.

Part-time contracting, In Nyack, New York, but telecommuting is ok.


3 thoughts on “Expert Lisp AI Programmer, non-profit organization

  1. Why do Lisp jobs always ask for “senior Lisp programmer”?

    Where are all the jobs for entry-level Lisp programmers, like me? 😦

  2. Yay! I was thrilled! And then I saw they’re in Cambridge. I hear that’s a great place, except…

    I spent 8 winters in the northeast US, and I consider that enough for one lifetime. It doesn’t have to be tropical (Seattle or Vancouver BC would be great), but it can’t involve the phrase “feet of snow”. I guess Lisp is big at MIT, and MIT Lispers founded ITA, and they didn’t want to go far, but surely there must be Lisp jobs elsewhere.

    To rephrase: Where are all the jobs for entry-level Lisp programmers … on the west coast? 🙂

    (…waits patiently for the tropical version of Thom to appear with the answer…)


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