Lisp Developers, Ft Lauderdale, Florida; possible telecommute

Ken Tilton writes:


I just signed on as the lead of an eight-month project to take a fast-growing Ft Lauderdale health-insurance company’s web portal to the next level in a complete re-write expected to take eight months. This is just the beginning for them so they prefer permanent hires who will stay on for much more work ahead. We’ll be using AllegroCL and, for the database, AllegroGraph. We have an immediate need for up to five developers experienced in Lisp-family languages and with solid experience in Web development, database programming, and/or KR. The client much prefers people to be local/permanent but will fall back on telecommuters if necessary so the latter should feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Ken

Interested? Contact Ken at

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Clojure jobs at Compass Labs

Compass Labs is a social media startup company based in silicon valley and funded by New Enterprise Associates.  They have a full time opening for a senior machine learning engineer to lead or join their algorithms and data mining team.  The team uses Clojure as its primary language for all in-house tools and data mining algorithms.  The product infrastructure is based on Java/Scala.

The company is also looking for medium term contractors to help with its in-house Clojure-based tools infrastructure, ideally with someone who has the appropriate machine learning / data mining experience to contribute fundamentally to the company’s efforts in that area.

Please contact for more information on these positions.

[lightly edited email note from Ian Eslick]

Functional Programmers, CREATE-NET, Trento, Italy

CREATE-NET, a research center located in Trento,
Italy, is hiring two functional programmers for web application development.

The ideal candidate would have experience with at least one functional
programming language (Haskell, Lisp, Caml, …) and a willingness to work on
application development using either Haskell or Common Lisp (depending on
the project) and the usual javascript/css/html bundle for the client side.

We offer competitive compensation and a stimulating work environment in the
research and innovation sector. The center is also located amidst the scenic
landscape of Italian Alps, making it a nice environment where to work.
Applications should be submitted to More details on
the open position and ideal profile may be found at

Senior Software Engineer, Pune, India

Another lisp job Pune, Maharastra, India.
Apply to jobs(at)

Senior Software Engineer

3-6 years of professional (or equivalent) experience
Solid CS fundamentals and understanding of complexity of algorithms
Expertise in any of C, Java, Python, Lisp
Strong grip over *NIX like operating systems (we use Debian & Ubuntu)
Ability to learn new things, write beautiful code
Understanding of how the Web works (HTTP, AMQP, RDBMS, Amazon AWS, etc.)
You must be a highly motivated individual with leadership skills
Proven track record of delivering products on time

Good to have
Prior experience in leading small teams
4 year degree in CS (we care about what you know, not the college you attended)
Knowledge of the Django web framework
Familiarity with any of Lisp, Erlang, Haskell
Understanding of and contributions to FOSS
Distributed Version Control Systems
Knowledge of JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, Semantic Web
Active in different online communities like