Senior Common Lisp developers, Clozure Associates, Seattle, Boston or remote.

Senior Common Lisp Developer

Clozure Associates is seeking senior Common Lisp developers to join our team of engineers on an ambitious startup project.

Candidates should have significant professional or open source experience programming in modern Common Lisp.  A strong math background is desirable.  Other valuable skills and background experience include:

- Embedded systems
– Real-time systems
– Distributed systems
– Signal processing
– Linear systems
– Cryptography
– Communications theory
– Network Protocol Stacks
– Linux device drivers

Locations: Seattle Washington, Boston Massachusetts preferred. Remote work may be possible for highly qualified candidates.

Postdocs / Research Programmer for Compositional Learning via Generalized Automatic Differentiation: NUI Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Postdocs / Research Programmer
Compositional Learning via Generalized Automatic Differentiation

The goal of this project is to make a qualitative improvement in our
ability to write sophisticated numeric code, by giving numeric
programmers access to _fast_, _robust_, _general_, _accurate_
differentiation operators.

To be technical: we are adding exact first-class derivative
calculation operators (Automatic Differentiation or AD) to the lambda
calculus, and embodying the combination in a production-quality fast
system suitable for numeric computing in general, and compositional
machine learning methods in particular. Our research prototype
compilers generate object code competitive with the fastest current
systems, which are based on FORTRAN. And the combined expressive
power of first-class AD operators and function programming allows very
succinct code for many machine learning algorithms, as well as for
some algorithms in computer vision and signal processing. Specific
sub-projects include: compiler and numeric programming environment
construction; writing, simplifying, and generalising, machine learning
and other numeric algorithms; and associated Type Theory/Lambda
Calculus/PLT/Real Computation issues.

TO THE PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE COMMUNITY, we seek to contribute a way to
make numeric software faster, more robust, and easier to write.

TO THE MACHINE LEARNING COMMUNITY, in addition to making it easier to
write efficient numeric codes, we seek to contribute a system that
embodies “compositionality”, in that gradient optimisation can be
automatically and efficiently performed on systems themselves
consisting of many components, even when such components may
internally take derivatives or perform optimisation. (Examples of
this include, say, optimisation of the rules of a multi-player game to
cause the players’ actions to satisfy some desiderata, where the
players themselves optimise their own strategies using simple models
of their opponents which they optimise according to their opponents’
observed behaviour.)

To this end, we are seeking to fill three positions (postdoctoral or
research programmer, or in exceptional cases graduate students) with
interest and experience in at least one of: programming language
theory, automatic differentiation, machine learning, numerics,
mathematical logic.

Informal announcement:

Formal job postings on, in
particular and

Inquiries to:

Barak A. Pearlmutter
Hamilton Institute & Dept Computer Science
NUI Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Clojure engineers, Staples Innovation Lab (Runa), San Mateo, CA

Runa is now Staples Innovation Lab. For the past 5+ years, Runa has been a visible member of the Clojure community, having built their entire e-commerce optimization stack on Clojure. We were recently acquired by Staples, the second largest internet retailer in the world.

We now have the resources to take the Clojure + Big Data + Machine Learning + Real Time Predictive Modeling engine to the next level. We’re looking for experienced engineers with knowledge of Clojure. More details at

Software Developer, D-Wave, Burnaby, BC, Canada

D-Wave is seeking an experienced Software Developer with extensive Common Lisp (or equivalent) programming and UNIX-based system administration experience to join the Processor Development group. The successful candidate will be responsible for architecting, designing, programming, testing and maintaining the entire suite of software necessary to support the testing and operation of D-Wave’s quantum computing hardware. The software is predominantly Common Lisp-based and is an integral part of the quantum computing system. It is used for a variety of purposes including calibration, operation, testing and benchmarking.

For more details please see

Programmer/architect, Strasbourg

Searching for a full-time CL programmer/architect (Strasbourg)


We at Agri-Esprit are looking for another excellent CL programmer/architect to expand our lisp team. We propose a full-time employee contract and expect you to be ready to relocate to Strasbourg.

As we are programming in the agile way, expect to be part of the entire development cycle including interface design, planning, architecture, programming and testing (and more). We would love it if you surprise us with your talent.


We are a growing start-up with the goal of significantly improving the production of crops in the agriculture sector reducing corresponding waste of resources (look at for more information). The technology is already in production and we are in the process to secure further clients.


- Common Lisp in-depth knowledge – Ready to relocate to Strasbourg – Willingness to learn multiple technologies – Ready for agile development methodology – Proficient in English

*Highly appreciated*

Any knowledge in following fields is highly appreciated (order not relevant):

- Javascript – Data mining knowledge – Graph databases (or alike)

*Nice to have*

- Functional programming – Prolog – User interface design skills – French/German language skills


Just contact me, Samir Sekkat, under (concatenate ‘string “samir.sekkat” (at) “agri-esprit” (dot) “com”), and let us open the discussion. Any links top example source code and/or a detailed CV is welcome.

Common Lisp Programmer, Accenture Interactive, Adelaide, South Australia

Accenture Interactive is looking for experienced Common Lisp programmer. Successful applicant will join a small, focused team in maintaining and furthering the development of a leading multivariate testing platform.

As a part of interview process applicants might have about three hour pair programming coding session – bring your own projects (can be incomplete).

Experience with Common Lisp is a must (could be non-commercial) as well as general knowledge of relational databases and web technologies.
Familiarity in the following areas would be considered a plus:
backend web server technology, Javascript, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, statistics, distributed computing, Lispworks, any distributed version control system.
A high degree of autonomy and self-motivation will be expected.

Please apply by sending your resume to
If you have any open source projects, please let us know. Code samples are greatly appreciated as well

We are working on multivariate testing product platform which has been acquired by Accenture about 5 years ago. It is Lispworks application with PostgreSQL and MATLAB backend, and we use modified Hunchentoot as frontend.

After long history of development this product earned good name (see for instance). We have quite a few big customers. The codebase is clean and stable, we have unit tests system, nightly builds, proper development cycle, bug reporting system (jira), distributed version control system (mercurial) and really supportive management.

If you are interested in working on the great product which could became the Common Lisp application with largest customer base in the world please apply.

We are located in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia. Local office accommodate about 25 people. We are quite different from the typical big corporation (startup culture is well and alive); we have flexible hours, best equipment money can buy, very bright people. Visa support and relocation available for the right person.

Common Lisp Programmer, SRI International

Silicon Valley-based SRI International, a nonprofit research and development organization, performs sponsored R&D for governments, businesses, and foundations. SRI brings its innovations to the marketplace through technology licensing, new products, and spin-off ventures. SRI, commemorating its 65th anniversary in 2011, is known for world-changing innovations in computing, health and pharmaceuticals, chemistry and materials, sensing, energy, education, national defense, and more.

For additional information, visit

The SRI Bioinformatics Research Group seeks a Common Lisp programmer to join the BioCyc and Pathway Tools projects. Pathway Tools is a Common Lisp software system with a wide range of bioinformatics capabilities.

We seek a self-motivated individual whose potential responsibilities will include development of desktop and web-based user interfaces, biological network analysis algorithms, and metabolic engineering software.

Experience and/or knowledge of some of the following will be a plus:
Object-oriented databases or frame knowledge representation systems
Machine learning
Biology and/or chemistry
Computer graphics, user interface design
AJAX, Javascript, HTML, XML, SQL

Requirements: B.S.-Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and/or Bioinformatics along with
1-10 years software development in Common Lisp.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply online at The job ID # is 101434.

AI Programmer (Clojure) at ZenRobotics, Helsinki, Finland

Ever wanted to command an AI-powered industrial robot with Clojure?

ZenRobotics is hiring talented people, naturally, to save the world!
ZenRobotics Ltd., founded in 2007, is based in Helsinki, Finland (we
know, there’s the catch you were looking for). We make ZenRobotics
Recycler the robotic recycling system, a world first. There are over
20 of us, one in three’s a PhD. No wonder ZenRobotics is officially
Europe’s most innovative environmental technology company.

We are looking for professional programmers who have a passion to get
products done, out the door, and into the wild. Typically this drive
to deliver manifests in the capability to make a strong individual
contribution. You can independently verify technical assumptions and
solutions: e.g. profile code, maybe look at disassembly, write unit
tests for code written by you and by others, and you have a keen
interest to set up experiments for testing real-world phenomena.

Your must-haves:

You have shipped software previously, the larger the codebase the better
You got the skill and the will to solve architecture-level
performance issues
You want to apply at least high-school level physics and geometry
to real-life problems
You come with an attitude to the tune of Let’s Get It Done!
You possess excellent team skills
You speak fluent English
You write clean and inherently reviewable code, you attach your best example
You describe the products you’ve worked on, and how you contributed

To really titillate us, tick all of the boxes on this sweet dream wish list:

You have worked on a product that uses sensors, machine vision,
actuators, or automation
You deliver in some of the following: a functional language (in
order of preference Clojure, other Lisp dialects, ML/Haskell), Java,
C/C++, Python/Perl, R/Matlab
You can apply an acceleration limit in robot motion planning,
characterize how a pinhole camera projects in 2d, apply Bayes’ rule

You perhaps pack a somehow technology-related MSc or PhD, but you
might as well be self-taught to the same level

We, on the other hand, would be proud to offer:

A ticket to change the world, for good
A superprofessional, utterly not uptight working environment
A chance to work with somewhat humble gurus
A competitive compensation

… and so we will! Contact us at: ifeellucky at zenrobotics dot com
to describe in concrete terms, and with references, as to how you
would fit this position.

Startup opportunity for Common Lispers (located in Strasbourg, France)

Hi everyone,

happy to announce that another IT startup launched, using for the
backend Allegro Common Lisp, Prolog and AllegroGraph. On the front end
side we are using web technologies.

We are looking for a talented lisper who will contribute significantly
to our goal: to build the first highly flexible production system for
the agriculture market.

Beside hard work, it’s really fun working here, and we are looking for
someone taking this challenge with us.

You will find below a more conservative job description. If it matches
your profile please contact us. If it doesn’t match your profile but
you think that you can make a valuable contribution, please contact us
as well!

So far for today!
Samir Sekkat
mailto: (format nil “~a~a~a~a~a~a” “s” “se” #\@ “sekkat” #\. “eu”)

Agri-Esprit is a technology start-up company located in Strasbourg,
France, which develops a unique, highly flexible software supported
management system for agriculture world-wide. The system will
integrate all information relevant to farm management and provide
proactive support spanning strategic planning to day-to-day
operations. It will enable farm management and farm workers to make
better decisions and continuously improve their operations in order to
maximize productivity in a systematic manner while integrating
consumer requirements and environmental and social impact

We are looking for Creative IT-Developers who are interested in
working with an international, multicultural team in an
entrepreneurial environment. Work experience is helpful but not a

– Strong team player
– Willingness to learn new technologies
– Willingness to work according to an agile development methodology, inclusive of pair programming
– Degree in Informatics or similar
– Proficient in English; French a definite advantage, German helpful.

In-depth knowledge in one or more of the following fields is highly appreciated (not ranked by importance):
– Common Lisp
– Functional programming
– GIS systems and/or spatial databases, ideally web based GIS (Open-Geospatial, etc.)
– Graph databases
– IT security
– JavaScript
– Prolog
– User interface design

What we offer
– A full-time position according French legislation with a competitive salary
– Performance based bonus
– Opportunities for professional development in an entrepreneurial environment