Senior engineer, Border Stylo, Los Angeles

Senior engineer position

We expect applicants who think very mathematically and are well-versed in Haskell, Lisp, Scheme, ML, Erlang, or similar. ActiveX knowledge is a big plus.

You must also produce compact, top-quality code and be fluent in functional programming and continuation-passing style. Experience with search algorithms is also desirable. Advanced applicants should also have expert-level JavaScript, not just Prototype/jQuery.

In this position you will be surrounded by people who love what they do, so “love of the craft” is a priority.

Global InfoTek, Reston VA

Global InfoTek, Inc. has an immediate need for a Research Scientist at its Reston, VA offices.  Initial responsibilities will include design, development, and deployment of knowledge representation and reasoning capabilities to support technology evaluation in a Government-sponsored research program to advance the state of the art in automatically extracting meaning from written English text.  This position will involve collaborative interaction with the customer and with other research organizations.

While the experience level and salary range are open, the right candidate will possess many of the following capabilities.

   * Logic-based knowledge representation and reasoning
   * Ontologies (e.g., RDF, OWL, Cyc) and the semantic web
   * Bayesian networks, probabilistic reasoning
   * Java and Lisp programming, logic programming (e.g., Prolog)
   * Unix family- and Windows-based system development and deployment

Some background in and/or familiarity with the following would be a plus.

   * Computational linguistics / natural language processing / natural language understanding
   * Extraction of information from text

The following are strongly desired.

   * U.S. citizenship
   * Willingness to apply for and strong likelihood of gaining a US Government security clearance

The following qualities are also desirable (and may be required, depending on seniority).

   * Strong written, graphical, and spoken communication skills
   * Demonstrated desire to advance the state of the art and to publish research results
   * Project leadership capability

programmer, knowledgeTools, Berlin

David Lichteblau writes:

We are looking for a programmer at knowledgeTools in Berlin, Germany.

In our project we are using several programming languages, not just Lisp, but a large part of the code base is implemented in Common Lisp.
The ideal candidate for this job would be fluent in several programming languages, among them Common Lisp and JavaScript.

Python, Ruby, or C++ skills are also welcome. If you have experience in those languages, can transfer your skills to a new language, and would enjoy acquiring in-depth knowledge in Lisp, you would be just as welcome as a seasoned Lisp hacker.

If you are interested, please take a closer look at the job posting and contact us via email at Please include your resume with your first communication. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Note that the posting is in German, although we would also consider
fluent speakers of English for this opening. Our office is in Berlin
and telecommuting will not be an option.

David Lichteblau

SW Engineer, Accenture in San Francisco, CA

A note from Asif Ladhani at Accenture:

Hello – I am part of the Talent team with Accenture. We recently had a Software Engineer role open up in San Francisco, CA. This position will be involved in working with LISP, Javascript, Perl, and Python. If you or one of your colleagues may be interested in this opportunity, please feel free to call or email me to discuss in greater length. Thanks in advance and I look forward to connecting with some of you. Take care and be well. Asif Ladhani, PHR, CIR of Accenture; (312) 693-1976 OR